Wide selection of workshops in computer-assisted reporting

During the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Lillehammer you will have a unique chance to update your skills in computer-assisted reporting (CAR) and Internet research. Among the teachers are: Helena Bengtsson from Swedish Television, Paul Myers from BBC and freelancer Stephen Grey.

Jan Gunnar Furuly, 09.06.2008 04:03

We are planning to set up three class rooms with 15 laptop's in each room.

There will be a combination of hands-on-teaching and demonstrations/workshops with a showcase of good CAR-cases.

This is the list of workshops and presentations in CAR as it is right now:

Excel I and Excel II: Helena Bengtsson (Swedish Television - Sweden) and Trond Sundnes (Dagens Næringsliv - Norway).

Access I and Access II: Helena Bengtsson (Swedish Television - Sweden).

Digital bloodhound: How to become a digital bloodhound. Techniques, tips and resources for better research. Andre Verløy (Institute for Journalism - Norway) and Ståle Kofoed de Lange (Institute for Journalism - Norway).

How to encrypt your harddisk and e-mail: Fredrik Laurin (Uppdrag Granskning - Swedish Television).

Mapping your news with Google Maps: Espen Andersen (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation - NRK, Norway).

Paul Myers Research Clinic: 10 Best web sites for investigative reporters (Paul Myers, BBC, UK)-

Paul  Myers Research Clinic: Undercover research (Paul Myers, BBC. UK).

How to make web queries: John Bones (Verdens Gang, Norway).

Find links between people - social mapping: John Bones (Verdens Gang, Norway).

Reporter spycraft - How to keep your secrets: Steve Doig (Arizona State University - USA)

Scraping the web: Espen Andersen (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation - NRK, Norway) and Nils Mulvad (Kaas & Mulvad, Denmark)

CAR showroom: With software and solutions you can use during the conference.

This list will be extended in near future with more content and more teachers.