It takes long to investigate Gazprom

12 journalists from all over Europe were to use 6 months to investigate the Russian gas company Gazprom. 1-½ years later they still aren’t finished.


Stefan Candea.

With funds from Danish Scoop, the project was founded to unveil who are the real leaders of the Russian gas company controlled by the Russian government.

- We’ve met a lot of challenges just organizing us. We’ve tried several solutions for exchanging material, and translating the material has been another challenge, said Stefan Candea who presented the project at GIJ together with his colleague Paul Radu.

The project was estimated to half a year, but now they have been working on the project for one and a half year, and it’s still not ended. The two Romanian journalists presented several networks they have discovered during their investigation.

- Gazprom is a state inside the state, editor in the Russian newspaper Nova Gazetta, Roman Shleynov, said.

- But inside there are different competing groups, leaking information to journalists.

The project would be presented on a webpage free for journalists to use. The project has already resulted in two articles, in Ukraine and Bulgaria, side stories who wouldn’t have been printed if it wasn’t for the project.