Undercover for 18 months

The Ghanaian journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas uncovered two trafficking networks, and rescued 17 victims of trafficking.

Anas used 18 months working with one of the trafficking story, many of them undercover inside the network working as a cleaner.

- I had to clean up after the girls were finished with their customers, picking up condoms and cleaning the beds. But at least it got me access right into the heart of the organisation, Anas said.

The girls described their travelling routes, and as time went by, Anas was able to reconstruct the movements of the network. Some of the girls were only 12 years old.

- The people of Ghana is not so used to trafficking, they were living in the neighbourhood, but didn’t know that the girls were victims of trafficking.

With the help of a prison boss Anas went undercover again, making it possible to film an immigration official being bribed.

Due to Anas investigative journalism, the Ghanaian Police has estimated a trafficking unit, working specially with the issue.