Opening with traditional Norwegian food

And some traditional Norwegian clothes.

The committee with traditional norwegian dresses

Some of the members of the GIJC-2008 and SKUP committee; from left: Gøril Engesvik, Jan Gunnar Furuly, Hanna Førland and Heidi Molstad Andersen.

Nathaniel Heller and David Banisar

Nathaniel Heller (USA) and David Banisar (United Kingdom) both felt that the Norwegian food was delicious.
- Excellent, especially the trout, Heller says, whilst his companion Banisar says he liked everything except the pork (which is called ”ribbe”, and eaten at Christmas in many Norwegian families).
- The Norwegian food is different from the American one because it is not going to kill you in five years, it’s a bit healthier, seeing as not everything here is deep-fried, Heller says.

Stephen Tut

- I thought the Norwegian food was fantastic and delicious. The fish was wonderful, Stephen Tut from Sudan says. One of the differences between Norwegian and Sudanese food is that they don’t eat just as much fish in his home country.

Maria Eismont

- It’s not bad. I’m not really impressed, but it’s not bad, Maria Eismont (right) from Russia says.
She thinks food culture in the two neighbouring countries is quite different.
- In Russia food is something to accompany the vodka, but the fish was great, she comments. 
- I was surprised, because everyone knows French food is the best in the world, but this was actually good as well. I liked the fish, I believe you are so good at it because you’re used to being fishermen.

The 5th Global Investigative Journalism Conference is most certainly on, with journalists from 86 countries arriving in the olympic city of Lillehammer. What is more natural than wishing you all welcome with a little taste of Norwegian food tradition?

The reception «A Taste of Norway» was hosted by Innovation Norway, an organization working to promote Norwegian industry, economy, culture and tradition through innovation and international-isation. The grand buffet with different types of Norwegian fish, reindeer, lamb and pork, and other Norwegian delicacies. Some of the Norwegian journalists attending wore their traditional national costumes, called «bunad». wanted to find out what our guests from around the world really thought about the Norwegian cooking, with raw fish amongst the delicacies.