The Global Shining Light Award

The organizing committee for the 4th Global Investigative Journalism conference in Toronto in 2007, decided to introduce an award for investigative journalism in a developing country or a country in transition, which was reported under threat, duress or in the direst of conditions.

Jan Gunnar Furuly, 07.05.2008 01:37
The Lillehammer organizing committee will also present The Global Shining Light Award 2008, hoping this award will become a permanent fixture at future GIJ conferences.
Each year dozens of journalists and media workers are killed - and hundreds more are
attacked, imprisoned or threatened - just for just doing their job. Many of these
violations of free expression occur in developing or emerging countries, and quite often during military conflicts. There are a number of international awards recognizing such attacks on freedom of expression.
However, another clear trend emerges in analyses of global attacks on reporters and the media. More and more journalists are being killed, and media outlets attacked, because they are carrying out important efforts in investigative journalism, exposing
uncomfortable truths, shining light on systemic corruption, and providing
accountability in societies yearning for democracy and development. We are continuously reminded of the rising threat to investigative journalism around the world. The Lillehammer conference and the Global Investigative Journalism network want to recognize and celebrate these courageous investigative journalists and their work.
The journalist, journalism team and/or media outlet provided independent, investigative reporting, which was broadcast or published between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2007, and which:
• Originated in and affected a developing or emerging country
• Was of an investigative nature
• Uncovered an issue, a wrong-doing and/or a system of corruption which gravely
affected the common good, and 
• Did so in the face of arrest, imprisonment, violence against them and their
families, and/or threats and intimidation
Nominations for this award may be made by independent Investigative journalism
organizations, associations of journalists, independent media outlets, or a fellow
investigative journalist. 
• A nomination letter listing the journalist’s name (or names of team members), and
name of his/her media organization with address, telephone number, fax and email. 
• The letter should provide a brief summary of the entry topic, explaining the
importance of the story, the challenges faced in reporting it, and the impact it made upon its broadcast or publication. 
• One English-translated copy of the published entry or one copy of the broadcast material with an English-translated copy of the script
Entries must be received no later than June 15th 2008. Entries (articles, tv/radio) can also be sent on CD-ROM/DVD.
Entries should be sent to: Bibiana Dahle Piene, c/o The Norwegian Journalism Union,
P.O. Box  8793 Youngstorget, 0028 OSLO, NORWAY.
The winning entrant will be notified by the first week of August 2008. Airfare, hotel, per diems and conference registration for the journalist or one member of the team, is
included in the award. 
The presentation of the $2000.00 award and a plaque will be made at the Saturday
banquet of the Global Investigative Journalism Conference.
The first Global Shining Light Award was given at the GIJC-2007 in Toronto to the project "Power Brokers".
This was the result of the collaboration among six reporters:
Paul Christian Radu and Sorin Ozon from the Romania Centre for Investigative
Journalism, Eldina Pleho and Alison Knezevic from the Centre for Investigative
Reporting in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Stanimir Vlaglenov from Bulgaria, and Altin
Raxhimi from Albania.