About SKUP

The Norwegian Foundation for Investigative Journalism (SKUP) is an independent foundation established in 1990, dedicated to promoting investigative journalism in Norway.

12.03.2008 22:28
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Stiftelsen for en kritisk og undersøkende presse (SKUP) was established in 1990.


SKUP organizes an annual weekend conference for investigative reporters and editors in Norway, which attracts between 550 and 650 participants. The conference is based on volunteers and idealism, and would not have been possible to organize without the generosity of the Norwegian media community.
In addition to seminars and workshops, the SKUP Prize is awarded. It recognizes the previous year´s best investigative story and journalistic methods. The first prize is the engraved SKUP cube and 50.000 Norwegian kroner. The prize is funded by SKUP, the Norwegian Journalism Union and the Norwegian Editors Association.
SKUP regularly offers workshops and training in various investigative methods. The foundation's Web site offers documentation on a decade of investigative journalism and projects in Norwegian media.
SKUP is an NGO, and has one part-time employee.