Sri Lanka project won global award

Sonali Samarasinghe. Left: Sandra Barlett and Tamara Urushadze  
Sonali Samarasinghe’s work to reveal misuse of power and corruption in Sri Lanka made her the second winner of the Global Shining Light Award.
- Foreign reporting in the wrong direction

Robert Fisk shared his views on and experiences from 30 years of reporting the Middle East.
See the highligts from GIJC-2008 on web-TV

See the highligts from Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2008 on web-TV.
Check out the handout library
Check out the library of presentations and handouts from GIJC-2008 for a series of tips and hints how you can improve your investigative journalism skills.
Banned on the news

Igor Kudrik and Aleksander Nikitin are doing their very best to uncover Russia’s dirty secrets.
- Don’t become a whistleblower

Lowell Bergman and Siemens whistleblower Per-Yngve Monsen presented their experiences.
It takes long to investigate Gazprom

12 journalists from all over Europe were to use 6 months to investigate the Russian gas company Gazprom.
Fraud, lies and documents

The journalist Hans-Martin Tillack went to Brussels to do what he thought was his job. He ended up in jail, and in trouble with the European Commission.
Undercover for 18 months
The Ghanaian journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas uncovered two trafficking networks, and rescued 17 victims of trafficking.
Post 9/11 journalism discussion kick-started the conference

The GIJC-2008 officially opened.
How to avoid being spied at by private security companies
A Swiss expert told his story.
The full program schedule
Here is the full schedule for GIJC-2008!.
Documentary about Palestinian activist

Watch USA v. Al-Arian, a movie about the Palestinian activist Sami Al-Arian, who is imprisoned on terrorism charges, at the conference.
A true global conference - 86 countries so far

Journalists from at least 86 countries are already confirmed as participants on the Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2008. This is a solid new record in nations at the GIJC-events!
Read the conference paper online
In pdf-version here.
Five top candidates for Global Shining Light Award
The five finalists for the second Global Shining Light Award are from Ghana, Sri Lanka, Armenia, South Africa and Nigeria. The winner will be announced at the GIJC-2008 prize banquet on Saturday September 13th.
These are the speakers at GIJC-2008
Who are the speakers at GIJC-2008? What have they done before? Read our speaker bios!
Deadline: September 5th
Friday September 5th is final deadline for registration to the Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2008 in Lillehammer, Norway, September 11th to 14th.
Wide selection of workshops in computer-assisted reporting
A team of top experts are ready to give you class teaching and demonstrations of the latest techniques in computer-assisted reporting and Internet research. Want to learn Excel or Access? Or to map your news via Google Maps or how to make surveys via e-mail and web?
The Global Shining Light Award
Have you been doing an investigative story in a developing or emerging country, under dire circumstances? We are now seeking nominees for the second Global Shining Light Award. Send in your project description by June 15th.
Our sponsors and global network
Making the fifth Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2008 a true global event is not done alone. Here are our many sponsors and close cooperators.
Grants for investigative reporters

Investigative journalists from Russia (and the former U.S.S.R), Eastern Europe, The Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America are now welcome to apply for grants that will cover their travel and stay at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2008 at Lillehammer, Norway.
The program
GIJC-2008 will be packed with over 100 inspiring and learning seminars and panels, where we aim to focus on journalistic work methods. We are also fascilitating networking between jounalists who work on the same topics.
Spread the word!

Please spread the world about Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2008 at Radisson SAS Hotel, Lillehammer, Norway September 11-14. Click on one or several of our ...
Visa information
Do you need visa to Norway? Check out your status here!
How to travel to Lillehammer

Travelling to Lillehammer in Norway is easy. Lillehammer is located right off the E-6 highway which is the major travel artery from southern to northern Norway. Lillehammer is only 2.5 hours from Oslo by car.
See you in Geneva in 2010!
The 6th Global Investigative Journalism Conference is going to take place in Geneva, Switzerland.
Daily reports on web-TV

Watch the conference highlights on GIJC-2008 TV.
Guantanamo detainee Sami al-Hajj: - Journalists must unite

Imprisoned for six years, Al-Jazeera journalist Sami al-Hajj reminded journalists from all over the world that journalists all have one mission.
A successful international cooperation

Swedish Fredrik Laurin and Americans Margot Williams and Stephen Grey told how they investigated CIA rendition planes.
- Challenging good will is not easy

In spring 2007, a team from TV 2 Norway went to Niger to find the victims of the famine the BBC reported on in 2005. They found none.
Journalists fighting war lords, government and mullahs

- The Afghan authorities are two-faced; they have a democratic face to show the west.
Uncover you country’s secret cigarette smuggling industry
”Everything is legal until it’s not”.
Why it is hard to do investigations in Russia

Financial problems, governmental pressure and very restrictive officials are some of the problems.
Welcome to the newsroom
Want to keep your newspaper reading habit even when you are away?
From Guantanamo to GIJC

Al Jazeera journalist Sami al-Hajj (39) was released after six years in Guantanamo. He will tell his story at GIJC.
Opening with traditional Norwegian food

And some traditional clothes.
Reporting Burma from Oslo

Khin Maung Win and his 15 colleagues report the news from a land without press freedom in a studio in Norway.
Fatal Commentary

When Nigerian journalist Isioma Daniel wrote a comment on Prophet Mohammed and a beauty pageant, little did she know that her words would change her life.
Meet the world’s leading investigative journalists

GIJC 2008 offers you the very best of investigative journalism workshops and a fantastic chance to meet and network with journalists from the whole world.
Check the particpant list!
These are our 488 registered participants so far.
Autumn with rain and sun

Pack your umbrella and raincoat and prepare for a wet Lillehammer at the start of the conference. By Friday sky will clear up and the sun will probably stay with us to at least Sunday.
Confirmed speakers
Robert Fisk (UK), Evan Wright (USA), Roman Shleynov (Russia), Sam O. Dean (Liberia), Hans-Martin Tillack (Germany), P. Sainath (India) and Giannina Segnini (Costa Rica) are among the close to 100 speakers that are now confirmed for GIJC-2008.
Seven finalists compete to win first Daniel Pearl Award
Seven finalists are competing to win the first Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting. The prize will be presented at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2008 in Lillehammer, Norway, Saturday 13th September.
How to survive in Norway

Learn how to survive in Norway, with a slightly humoristic and sarcastic angle!
International Resource Network makes the world a smaller place

Tired of seeing the same sources quoted in foreign news coverage? Do you need fixers or sources in Africa, Asia and Latin America? The answer is International Reporter Resource Network (IRN).
A historic venue for a historic conference

The venue for the GIJ conference is not just another hotel in just another city.
Get your global network going
Imagine a room full of competent people who want to cooperate on your pet project. You might get in touch with those people during the GIJ-2008 conference at Lillehammer.
How to find the cheapest airtickets to Oslo
Strong competition among airliners makes it easier to find cheap air tickets to Oslo.
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